Protecting our veterans' children
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures L3C
Justice - social, environmental, human
Protecting our veterans' children™


Fort McClellan 1935 -1999

Fort McClellan

Board of Veterans' Appeals Citation Nr: 1108696 Decision Date: 03/04/11 FINDINGS OF FACT 1. The Veteran was exposed to herbicides while stationed at Fort McClellan, Alabama, in
Pesticides On A Plate

What’s On My Food

Pesticides:  A Public Problem Pesticides …on our food, even after washing; …in our bodies, for years; …& in our environment, traveling many miles on wind, water and dus
LOVME values Organic Food

Organic Food

Organic Consumers Association (OCA) Campaigning for Health, Justice, Sustainability, Peace and Democracy.
Pesticides on a Plate

Shopping Guides

All 48 fruits and vegetables with pesticide residue data:  Environmental Working Group (EWG) analyzed pesticide residue testing data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and
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