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January 31, 2012

Monsanto: Banned in Germany, But You’re Probably Still Eating It

GM foods are, from what I perceive, one of the most significant threats that we have against the very sustainability of the human race. Why? In a nutshell, these toxins are being linked to a growing repertoire of assaults against human health and the environment — and they...

Veterans Claims & Benefits: Veterans Administration moving to online claims to speed up delivery of benefits

The only way to achieve Veterans Administration Secretary Eric Shinseki's goal for 2015 — that every disability compensation claim be processed within 125 days and with 98 percent accuracy — is to shift to a paperless claims system. And that transformation has...

Veterans Health Care: VA Gulf Coast now active on Facebook

VA on Facebook The VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care system, along with more than 150 other veterans medical centers throughout the country, is now active on Facebook. VA Gulf Coast, which serves 60,000 veterans from Biloxi to Panama City, can be accessed at...