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February 11, 2012

Veterans Research: Veterans offer DNA for study

Million Veteran Program is creating an anonymous database for research. The Million Veteran Program could help transform health care for veterans – and everyone else – by leading to new ways of predicting, preventing and treating illness. The goal is to find 1 million...

MONSANTO: Scientists say Monsanto is taking agriculture in wrong direction

The Union of Concerned Scientists on Tuesday gave ag giant Monsanto an "F'' in sustainable agriculture. “Monsanto talks about 'producing more, conserving more, improving lives,' but its products are largely not living up to those aspirations,”...

Other Toxic Exposures: Atrazine a hazard to citizens, environment

Atrazine has been banned in the entire European Union due to health concerns, so where does Syngenta turn to sell its product? The United States, of course. Atrazine is the second-most-used herbicide in the United States, following Dow Chemical Company's RoundUp. [RoundUp is...