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October 10, 2012

Eczema healed by hemp oil

Tanya ended up consulting a herbalist, who recommended hemp seed oil. Because the essential fatty acids in it act as an internal moisturiser for the skin, they can help combat the dryness and cracking of eczema and calm inflammation. Tanya started taking a teaspoon of hemp seed...

Healing Eczema: A Drug Free Approach – Alternative Medicine

My Triumph Over Eczema: healing atopic dermatitis without medication A personal account of successfully healing a most severe case of eczema/psoriasis with omega-3 fatty acids, homeopathy, nutritional supplements and detoxification. Worldwide, more and more people develop...

WSU lab fights Agent Orange effects

  Guerrero-Bosagna said he hopes the team’s research will lead to medical developments that could protect future generations from the complications of exposure to the chemical. But for now, the researchers need to further their understanding of the mechanism of the...