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February 14, 2013

Agent Orange Blue Water Navy: The Agent Orange Act

To: Our Congress and Senate There are tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans who are sick with exposure to Agent Orange Dioxin. Many can not get Veterans Administration benefits because they did not have boots-on-ground Vietnam because they were at sea or in the… HERE IS...

Blue Water Navy: Rep. Gibson’s new bill cites Agent Orange Would help Vietnam veterans

The legislation would grant presumptive Agent Orange exposure status to U.S. service members — primarily those serving in the Navy — who served in the so-called territorial waters, up to 12 miles off the shore in Vietnam. “We had sailors who served just off the shore...

Social Security: Fast-tracked disability process adds 35 medical conditions

With the addition of 35 new Compassionate Allowances conditions involving cancers and rare diseases, there now are a total of 200 disabling conditions that qualify for Social Security’s expedited disability process. Compassionate Allowances allows quick identification of diseases...