Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
Justice - social, environmental, human
Protecting our veterans' children™

Our Logo

represents our veterans, their descendants, and time honored military traditions


The Stars
We often see the star used as a symbol representing the soldier. The larger star, for our logo, represents the soldier/veteran. The smaller star represents the veterans' descendants or the generational affect of our veterans' military exposures.

The Ribbons
The ribbons encircling the two stars represents not only the military tradition of awarding ribbons to our veterans but also represents human DNA because many of the harmful toxins our veterans have been or are being exposed to are mutagenic and teratogenic. These harmful toxins have caused birth defects, cancers, autoimmune and rare disease, learning disabilities such as austism or ADHD, and mental health issues in the descendants of our veterans.

The Font
Finally, we have used one of the many fonts that the military has used for decades, the "American" font. As a result the logo reminds us of 'real' military orders.
Our Logo was designed by Marshall Wilkes.
Our Logo has a copyright on file with the U.S. Patent Office.

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