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Agent Orange C-123K Aircrew & Maintainers: MONUMENTAL STEP FORWARD! New Support from CDC

February 09, 2012

The ATSDR has already contacted the Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine on our behalf. The AF was tasked in November (due to our pressure) by the Surgeon General to form a conclusion to provide the VA. This most recent letter pretty much decides the case, but we can count on unending push-back from the VA as they construct yet another argument to prevent us being given medical care for the dioxin exposure. The VA position has been that we "may" have had contaminated airplanes but that the likelihood of any long-term health affects is remote. The VA position is better known as "voodoo science"!

The second powerful document was provided me by Dr. (LtCol USA Ret.) Joe Goeppner who fortunately read the Air Force Times article about our C-123 crews back in November. He called me immediately to offer his support, and his analysis was received last week. In it, Dr. Goeppner (whose employment history began at Dow!) dismisses the VA's invention of innocent "dry dioxin transfer" as being harmless to us, and also supports the scientific validity of the 1994 tests done on Patches by Dr. Ron Porter and LtCol Wade Weisman.


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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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