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Agent Orange Guam: Guam Cancer Registry

The following information is being released by Ralph Stanton who served on Guam in 1969 – 1970.  Ralph is in the process of writing a book and decided to release the information provided in this post hoping it would do some good for someone out there.

Ralph states that the information is accurate, signed, notarized, available for download in pdf format (pdf is decent quality) and can be used as people see fit.

Ralph also wants everyone to be aware there is a “Guam Cancer Registry” that has been ongoing since 2003.  He further states that the registry is being funded by US tax dollars in the amount of $14 million.  The cancer rates are much higher in Guam than in the US mainland.

Ralph also stated that we need to get this information out in the open since he feels it is being hidden from ourveterans.

Ralph would also like people to respond by email if they are so inclined; email Ralph at

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Guam Cancer Registry

Photo taken from “Guam Cancer Registry”

  “Guam Cancer Registry”

Guam Cancer Research 

Some info from Guam Cancer Research web site

Here is the form they use for the Guam Cancer Registry


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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