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Agent Orange Guam: The Loggerhead Which is Killing People Exposed to Agent Orange Herbicides on Guam

Agent Orange Guam

Veterans: Please Write to Diane Zumatto National Legislative Director.
To all concerned, it is not hard to see from these reports from the Guam Cancer Registry that there is something bad going on on Guam.

Are we going to allow this terrible injustice to continue to be swept under the rug?

These results do not include veterans, they are for Guam residents only. Veterans have been left out of the study intentionally. It is not clear why. Stand up and be counted.

To all, Can you make some recommendations to Diane Zumatto to tackle this issue of uncooperative stance by the department of veterans affairs and the department of defense, as well as other federal agencies who could provide much needed help for Dr. Robert Haddock of Guam.

I recommend that the IOM AO Committee make reference to this loggerhead which is killing people exposed to agent orange herbicides on Guam. Many have died and didn’t even know why or how. It’s time to give real support to Dr. Haddock and if possible reinstate Dr. Luis Szyfres to work with Dr. Haddock to get’r done.

Ethnic Disparities in Cancer Incidence Rates Observed among Guam Residents 2003 – 2007 by Agent Orange Legacy

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