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Agent Orange help tied up in paperwork: Guest column

February 08, 2012

Vietnam Service Medal

Vietnam veterans who never had boots-on-ground in Vietnam, who are sick from presumptive exposure to Agent Orange dioxin poisoning, are tied up in paperwork. The burden of proof is placed solely upon the veteran. 

The mere fact that the service member without boots-on-ground can show proof of military service, proof of having been awarded the Vietnam Service Medal and medical proof of illness is in nearly all cases not evidence enough for VA disability. 
The Institute Of Medicine report has proven the toxicity of Agent Orange Dioxin. This was an irresponsible action on the part of our government to poison we who served. That authority should be held accountable.
In 1991, the Congress passed a bill that authorized the VA to approve all Agent Orange exposure claims for disability. In 2002, the Bush administration took away authorized disability claims from those service members who did not have boots-on-ground in Vietnam.
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Tandy hebert Reply

    hello, thank you for this site. My daddy served the front line in vietnam 67-69. he was sprayed, and rolled all around in the agent orange.i can remember hearing about it as a child but not thinking twice.. i remember hearing about his friends that died on the battlefield and a friend who died afterwards from Agent orange…..i always used that to justify why daddy was so grumpy….but its not funny now that we realize the daddy had almost complete heart failure 3 yrs ago, only 10 percent of his heart was working…the doctors couldnt do a thing…then a brilliant surgeon saved him. 5 bypasses and a defibbilator/pacemaker implanted……for the last three yrs he has been back to his self=)….taking my son fishing, and my daughter to the park….then for the last 2 months he tells me he is short of breathe, stomach pain, not sleeping….i knew it was his heart, so he went to the heart dr…..and was put in the coronary care unit..they shocked his heart to fix the he is on a new medicine….only 20 percent of his heart is working and a valve is leaking…he goes to the heart dr. again next week……..i am wearing his dog tags right now…i attached my egyption symbol for eternal life to it……..he never even thought to try to file for anything until recently, so i hope that he is approved, because living on a pension, and all of the sudden becoming disabled AFTER retiring has been hard on him…………i have a very interesting question…..I myself have had and still have symptoms on the list….as a child i had  a tonsilectomy,asthma, and stomach issues to where i was in the emergency room at least once a week, had every test done just to tell me they cannot find anything.then at 19 i had a cyst on my ovary drained and my gallbladder removed…then i had a miscarriage, then the cyst came again and i had my right ovary removed….i have 3 bulging disc, stomach issues,…… here is the question, the interesting part…I am ADOPTED…….so can exposure change our DNA…..just by being so close for so long has exposed me as well??

  2. Mitchel L Rolfer Reply

    Totally Agree that our Brothers and Sisters got screwed over, and they should be taken care of.  It doesn't matter if you were on land, sea or in the air, if you were there you were poisoned period.  We! the Viet Nam Vets of America sacrificed every thing to defend this country, and lost many while there.  There wasn't one Brother or Sister who died that stood up and said NO..  The Vets who are dieing as a result of being there and who were poisoned by AO.  No matter who, they did their part.  Now!  This Government needs to do theirs

    • admin Reply

      I agree Mitch!!

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