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Agent Orange Legacy: Living the Silent Spring Trailer

February 20, 2012

We R the 2nd Generation

'Living the Silent Spring' is a documentary filmed by Masako Sakata. Maskao is the widow of a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange and award winning filmmaker. A couple of years ago Masako joined our support community.

Masako told me she wanted to film a documentary of the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange in the U.S.  Masako also told me she had all but given up on making such a film.  She did not believe it would be possible because the U.S. is so very large.  Thus making it next to impossible to find the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

As a result of my husband's death and my daughter's life long health problems I had set out to find the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange in 2007. By the time Masako and I had met approximately 350 children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange had already found us and joined our support community.

Agent Orange Legacy collaborated on this film. Myself and many of our members also participated in the filming.  I hope everyone can view it online soon.

This is how I came to understand why my work and the support community, I had built, were so very important and made this film possible.

The film has been viewed in Japan and France but has not been seen in the U.S.  I hope that the film will be viewed in the U.S. because our stories need to be told.

Our fellow countrymen and women need to understand that the consequences of war are far reaching, are still affecting our families and how the war in Vietnam has left it's mark on the innocent lives of our children and grandchildren who bear the burden of a war that happened before they were born.

Written by Sharon L. Perry, Founder of Agent Orange Legacy (c)


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Ron Reply

    CBR (Chemical, Biological, and Radiological) Warfare: Agents such as these (Dioxin, Depleted Uranium, Cluster Bombs, Land Mines, White Phosphorous, Napalm etc.) used in Vietnam, and Iraq, should be banned by all nations.  Unfortunately, the U.S. is one nation that has failed to ban the use of these weapons. Just as the U.S. government has failed to sign on to the World Court for the trial of U.S. War Criminals, so too it has failed to join the community of nations in outlawing these weapons.

  2. melvin trumbo Reply

    my family is a pile of problems i think is caused by this problem with agent orange we definately need this movie to be showed here in the usa and why hasnt it been shown

  3. Mark Shapiro Reply

    Readers are encouraged to visit the 'Agent Orange Action Group' at

  4. sarah castile Reply

    Will (can) anyone tell me what the chemical composition for dioxins are in relation to the type of agent orange used in Vietnam? I need a very simple explanation.   When reading articles about dioxins I want to be sure it is the same type of chemical  (dioxin) used in Agent Orange.  It seems as if many articles are written about dioxins  these days but does not match the same effects, or contain the same dioxin,  that Agent Orange might present.

  5. Mitchel L Rolfer Reply

    Excellent short clip, it's a huge start.  Turn that into a two hour Movie about the true horrors and the affects on people around the world, and the world may just sit up and begin to take notice.  Thumbs up for all your efforts… 🙂

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