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Agent Orange link to diabetes

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Agent Orange was used widely in the Vietnam War

A US Air Force report suggests a significant link between the defoliant Agent Orange, used widely in the Vietnam War, and diabetes in veterans, it is reported.Servicemen with high levels of dioxins – a chemical constituent of Agent Orange – were more likely to develop diabetes than those with low levels.The Washington Post says it obtained the report from a “government source”.Eight other diseases, including some cancers, are already linked with Agent Orange, which was used as a herbicide to clear tracts of heavily vegetated terrain during the conflict.

It was used to destroy crops and enemy hiding places.

If diabetes were to be added to that list, it would permit tens of thousands more veterans to apply for compensation from the US government.

All Vietnam veterans are assumed for compensation purposes to have had contact with the chemical at some point.



Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
Widow of a Vietnam veteran exposed to Agent Orange and founder of Agent Orange Legacy.

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