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Agent Orange/Dioxin New Jersey: EPA opens online forum to get input on $5.75 million Dow Dioxin river cleanup

August 27, 2011

DOW Dioxin Cleanup

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking for the public’s reaction to a $5.75 million Dow Dioxin cleanup plan in Saginaw County.

The river has been the spotlight of much controversy after harmful chemical were found in the water, coming from the Dow Chemical Company.

EPA project manager Mary Logan tells the Associated Press that the contamination most likely happened long ago, and that Dow currently has a system that prevents further pollution.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. cheryl Reply

    oops… meant to type "original"

  2. cheryl Reply

    About time! As I recall Dow's Midland plant was under investigation in the early 1980's, at the same time as the originaly Agent Orange lawsuit, because dioxin was detected in the river and they actually got away with explaining that the dioxin was caused by people tossing their cigarette butts upstream!  

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