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AO C-123K Aircraft: Update for VA Recognition for Agent Orange Exposure of C-123 Veterans

March 18, 2012

2. VA reassured C-123 veterans our herbicide exposure poses no risk to health


We flew to DC to have our meeting with VA’s Health Benefits Administration in the Hart Senate Office Building, hosted by Sen. Burr’s staff, with the following results:

1. the C-123 aircrew/maintainers dioxin exposure issue will bereferred to the Institute of Medicine for a special report,hopefully ready by the end of 2012. VA will prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) without outside input, but IOM will conduct public meetings soliciting comment.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Chris Lanham III Reply

    I was burned by Agent Orange. I have something really going on with me, I don't know if I did it myself, or if it is Agent Orange, but my arms hurt seriously really bad. Serious pain 24/7, sometimes it truly don't stop. It causes all kinds of degenerations to occur within the human body. I feel for plants & other animals. I have tried, & tried to hold down certain jobs, & I just can't do it. I really don't know which way I will go out, but I won't be prolonging it for to long, without some serious pain killers. I will go to my home State & euthinize the situation. We'll see by the time I am 40, & I am 35 now….
    p.s. how am I supposed to fix my misspelled words if the editor won't allow. I am a child of a guy whom was in agent orange pretty bad, & that is another part of my problem. So please forgive my ignorent spellin.
    Thanks a lot
    Chris Lanham III

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