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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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AUSTRALIA: Fund launched for ‘lost’ children

May 02, 2011

Fund launched for 'lost' children

It was believed the grandchild had genetic damage due to his grandfather being exposed to the chemical defoliant known as Agent Orange which was sprayed over huge areas of jungle during the Vietnam War.

Mr Ormsby was told there was assistance for children of Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange but not to grandchildren.

“It is unbelievable, I am shocked,” he said.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Unknown Reply

    My first husband was a Vietnam Vet. He is the father of my daughter. Her son was born with Hypospadias and a Heart murmur. I have often wondered if his grandfather being exposed to Agent Orange ( he told me he was) may have caused these deformaties in our Grandson.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Unknown,

      I believe that is why my oldest daughter has been sick all of her life, my youngest is autistic, as is her son. You are not alone. You should join our support community where you can read the blogs of our other members: Sincerely, Sharon L. Perry, Founder

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