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US scientist: ‘Many routes of exposure’ to endocrine disruptors

  Shanna H. Swan, a renowned scientist specialising in reproductive medicine, has warned about the health effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) such as phthalates which can end up in food via pesticides or plastics. In an interview with EurActiv, she calls on...

More Vietnam Vets Aided For Ills Tied To Agent Orange

  A picture from his time in Vietnam. Ralph Bozella is president of the United Veterans Committee of Colorado, a nonprofit organization of more than 45 organizations helping Colorado’s estimated 460,000 veterans. Ralph Bozella   When Ralph Bozella came home from...

Tom Eblen: Military sacrifice not all on the battlefield

  Tom Eblen: Military sacrifice not all on the battlefield   War has become too easy, Neill said. Powerful economic interests encourage military adventurism, and an all-volunteer military distances most affluent Americans from the tragic consequences.   The men and...

What Is A Vietnam Vet (author unknown)

    It is not an easy question to adequately answer because not all Viet Nam Vets will fall into a description given by one person.   Let me begin by stating some facts about the Viet Nam Vet and then you will understand the complexity of trying to accurately...

Agent Orange/Dioxin and Infertility: Diet Overcomes infertility from Toxin Exposure

  Toxin exposure can have reproductive consequences that span generations. Is there something we can do to fight the effects? According to researchers at the 67th annual meeting of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, diet may have a more powerful effect on toxins...

Scientists Call for Safety Testing of Chemicals to Include Prenatal Exposures

  Scientists Call for Safety Testing of Chemicals to Include Prenatal Exposures  In addition, there is evidence the male breast is even more sensitive to some chemicals. A review published online June 22 ahead of print in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health...

Other Toxic Substances – Paternal Exposures: Passive smoking linked to DNA damage and birth defects

  Passive smoking can cause genetic damage to sperm cells that may result in birth defects, miscarriages and other reproductive problems which make it difficult to father a healthy child, scientists have found.   Researchers believe that similar DNA changes in boys or...

BETTER GET THOSE CLAIMS IN Due to Agent Orange, Veteran awarded $459,700

  Due to Agent Orange, veteran awarded $459,700 A local Vietnam War veteran has been awarded a $459,700 benefit because of their exposure to the herbicide Agent Orange during the war and the later onset of ischemic heart disease.   The U.S. Department of Veterans...

Men Exposed To Harmful Cosmetics

  Dr. Ann Blake, a Molecular Genetics expert from the University of Oregon, USA and a member of the Green Ribbon Science Panel of California’s Environmental Protection Agency talked about the presence of major chemicals in cosmetics such as lead in lipstick, mercury...

Men warned vs use of beauty products

  Vanity can pose dangers to men’s health, too. While women are most vulnerable to hazardous substances due to constant use of beauty products, men are also exposed to as many as 80 chemicals daily from personal care items such as soap, shampoo, shaving cream...