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Birth Defect Research: Environmental exposure to organochlorines may affect male fertility

January 29, 2012

Men exposed to organochlorine chemicals in the environment may be at higher risk of sperm abnormalities, a new study has revealed.

“This research adds to the already existing body of evidence suggesting that environmental exposure to certain chemicals can affect male fertility and reproduction,” said Dr. Perry.

“While we cannot avoid chemicals that already persist in the environment, it is imperative that decisions about putting biologically active chemicals into the environment need to be made very carefully, because there can be unanticipated consequences down the road,” Dr. Perry added.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Ray Launier Reply

    I served a year in the Air Force in Viet nam 1966-67. In my work as a weather observer, on a daily basis I would go to the weather shack to fill ballons with hellium; near by was a storage dump of unknown, to me, canistered materials.
    I never had children. My father had nine, my grandfather 12 and all my brothers and sisters several. I enjoyed trying many times. In my second marriage, I went to a fertilty clinic and was told that the lab results found that I had "slow sperm", whatever that means. Agent Orange?
    Now that I am 68, and fulfilled in other ways, I feel the emptyness of a life devoid of children.

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