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CANADA: Monsanto’s Roundup could be banned (cosmetic lawn care) along with other pesticides & herbicides

May 21, 2011

Spray ban may be coming: Cosmetic herbicides, pesticides could be outlawed

MANITOBA could soon join nearly every other province and ban cosmetic pesticides, the chemicals in sprays like WeedEx and RoundUp that keep lawns perfect by zapping weeds and bugs

Manitoba is one of only four Canadian provinces with no pesticide ban and that club is about to shrink. British Columbia just finished a long round of public consultations on a possible ban and new Liberal Premier Christy Clark has said she supports one.

"It's just low-hanging fruit," said Lisa Gue, an environmental health policy analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation.

"It's a completely needless exposure we can just do without."

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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