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How to Honor your Veteran Lost to Agent Orange

How do we go about honoring the memory of our veteran lost to Agent Orange?  Fortunately there are several programs available to the families of veterans lost to Agent Orange.  They are as follows: 1)  Agent Orange Quilt of Tears The Quilts draw national attention...

“This is the heart of America. That’s what we’re all about,”

Rolling Thunder! Biker vets invade Washington (via AFP) They may no longer be in uniform, but nearly all of them are sporting the same thing — leather vests covered with multicolored military patches. Who are they? Tens of thousands of US veterans, many of whom fought in...

Honoring veterans all year long

Honoring veterans all year long I will be marching in the parade on Memorial Day, and I will be marching for the proper treatment of our veterans every day of the week, not just one day a year. I will let Congress know that the treatment of veterans is wrong and un-American; I...