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VA Investigation

Congressional auditors: VA health care is high-risk

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs vast health network — beset by a scandal last year over delayed care — has been listed as a high-risk federal program by congressional auditors for the first time. The report by the watchdog Government Accountability Office, which is...

VA director email: ‘Where is my Christmas present?’

The former Calhoun County Veteran’s Affairs director who resigned on Monday had sent emails to military veterans that asked for “pain meds,” Christmas presents and other gifts, as well as a cut of their benefits, in return for his help, according to documents obtained today by 24...

Veterans Disability Benefits: New Audits Reveal VBA Crisis Worsening

In a new audit, Veterans’ Disability Benefits: Timely Processing Remains a Daunting Challenge, the GAO notes that VBA’s paper-based claims processing system involves “multiple hand-offs, which can lead to misplaced and lost documents and can cause unnecessary time delays.” The...

Dayton VA Medical Center: VA paid 8 families in death lawsuits; Four other Dayton VA hospital patients were paid for injuries.; INVESTIGATIVE REPORT

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has paid out $940,000 in the deaths of eight patients at the Dayton VA Medical Center between 2005 and 2008, a timespan when VA medical malpractice claims surged, according to records obtained by the Dayton Daily News. Medical malpractice...

VA launches investigation Privacy violations after death at issue

VA launches investigation Privacy violations after death at issue Officials at the G.V. "Sonny" Montgomery Veterans Affairs Medical Center are investigating whether a purported 321 employees illegally accessed the medical records of Johnnie W. Lee, a longtime employee...