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Vets Can Finally Sue Contractors for Cancer Caused by War

The suits say KBR’s actions resulted in illnesses and death. That seems like an obvious assumption: In the United States, we are not allowed to burn trash in large open pits because it’s a health hazard. Troops can tell you. It settled like smog over their housing areas, leaving...

Retired Air Force Col. Archer Battista believes new report backs effort to extend Agent Orange benefits

Agent Orange Legacy
“It looks to us as if we have finally prevailed in this battle. The VA is making noises about how do we reach out and contact these men and women so that, I think, is going to be the next hurdle,” retired Air Force Col. Archer Battista, 68, said this week. “It’s a very big hurdle...

VA director email: ‘Where is my Christmas present?’

The former Calhoun County Veteran’s Affairs director who resigned on Monday had sent emails to military veterans that asked for “pain meds,” Christmas presents and other gifts, as well as a cut of their benefits, in return for his help, according to documents obtained today by 24...


But fate put Galinac — and thousands of others — in the path of a killer as deadly but far more stealthy than their North Vietnamese foe. And more than 40 years later, the strategy the U.S. military deployed to decimate that jungle has leveled a lethal legacy. Galinac is among...

Veterans exposed to chemical Agent Orange, not receiving benefit

The CDC found the herbicide, Agent Orange , caused a number of diseases and cancers, but not all forms of cancers were put on the list, including the kind that killed Denny. It’s the same for other forms of cancer as well, some are on the list as caused by Agent Orange,...

Agent Orange C-123: VA Rejects Independent Scientists & Physicians Opinions Supporting C-123 Veterans Claims

VA Rejects Independent Scientists & Physicians Opinions Supporting C-123 Veterans Claims by VA is unable to extend the presumption of Agent Orange exposure to crew members of post-Vietnam C- 123s or acknowledge Agent Orange-related disabilities as a result of this service by

Agent Orange/Diesel Fuel: Bladder Cancer due to Agent Orange and/or Diesel Fuel is Granted S/C (Service connected)

Faces of Agent Orange – RETRACTION: No, bladder cancer has not been added to “the list” of presumptive Agent Orange related diseases. The last IOM report found inadequate evidence on bladder cancer. However, some individual cases have been granted by VA and the Board of...

Veterans Agent Orange Benefits: VA Publishes The Retroactive Benefit Rules For Agent Orange Claims Required By The Nehmer Court Order

The new regulations also explain that if the person to whom the retroactive benefits is owed (that is, the Vietnam veteran or the survivor of a Vietnam veteran who claimed death benefits) dies before the VA is ready to make the payment, the VA does not get to keep the money;...