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Children’s Centers to Study Prenatal Effects of Dioxins

May 03, 2011

Children's Centers to Study Prenatal Effects of Dioxins

Last week many requests were put out asking for the children of Vietnam veterans exposed to agent orange and our beloved Vietnam veterans, their families, friends and supporters to turn out to vote for this very important issue.

Apparently, we were quite successful!!

Out of over 200 Visionary Ideas submitted to NIEHS – NIH, Betty Mekdeci's Visionary Idea for a Children's Center to Study Prenatal Effects of Dioxins was number ONE (1).

During this past week (of voting) our rank fell to that of 17, a call went out from all points online to vote. By the very next day we not only recovered we soared to number ONE.

Although this is the best news I've heard in a long time it does not mean that this Visionary Idea of Betty Mekdeci's will be approved. We topped out at 767 votes with a rank of number ONE (1).  So at the least NIEHS – NIH will have to look at this issue very closely.

I thank Betty Mekdeci for her continued dedication to the children of American Vietnam veterans, our Vietnam veterans and their families.

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