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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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Protecting our veterans' children™

Dishonoring America’s veterans

January 28, 2012
The Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration failed to provide effective remedies for the mental health issues suffered by the majority of young men and women in uniform who have fought for their country in two wars since 9/11.
The DOD and the VA misjudged the impact of post traumatic stress disorder on the majority of troops who served in both combat theaters, estimated to be more than a million men and women.
The DOD's decision to discharge soldiers suffering from PTSD with a "personality disorder" designation prevents service members from receiving disability compensation or medical benefits upon separation from active duty. Personality disorders are considered a pre-existing condition. The Vietnam Veterans of America filed a federal lawsuit last year demanding records for 26,000 veterans who it says were "wrongfully discharged" for personality disorders.
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Dennis Gross Reply

    The Administration,the American people.the DOD and the US Army let us down during the Vietnam War…The VA wouldn’t even consider the returning Vietnam Veterans for any form of compensation or medical benefits and this is from personal experience.And when they did, many years later,the VN Vets had to subject themselves to the humility of defending their service and proving that the war had left them scarred…how pitiful and shameful for the government,the citizens and even the country they served….and I will be damned if I let this happen to our soldiers,sailors ,marines and airmen…I personally will be a voice in their behalf because as a Vietnam Veteran and having experienced the blatant unappreciation of my sacrifice I will not allow this disrespect to these soldiers protecting our freedom . I am just one voice but it will be a damn loud voice…

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