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EPA’s Superfund Websites Can Save Veterans’ Lives: U. S. Air Force

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Protecting our veterans' children

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EPA’s Superfund Websites Can Save Veterans’ Lives

EPA’s Superfund database lists Chemicals of Concerns (COCs) and their health effects, valuable information to medical care providers.

Thousands of veterans and their dependents lived and worked on military installations that are now listed as EPA Superfund sites.

Exposure to COC’s can cause serious medical conditions, including cancer and death. Veterans with who were stationed on an EPA Superfund installation need to share this information with their medical care provider. This is not about collecting VA disability compensation, but about helping veterans “connect the dots of serious illness” to military service and giving information to their health care providers that could save their lives.

EPA lists 130 military installations as Superfund sites. There is no legal requirement to notify the veterans of the remaining 129 military installations of the COCs they may have been exposed to and their health effects. This is not a mission impossible. It can be done. EPA lists the COCs and the ATSDR has identified the health effects of many of them.

EPA’s Superfund List of Military Installations

US Air Force

Air Force Plant #4 (General Dynamics) Fort Worth TX

Air Force Plant 85 Columbus OH

Air Force Plant PJKS Littleton CO

American Lake Gardens/McChord AFB Tacoma WA

Andersen Air Force Base Yigo GU

Andrews Air Force Base Andrews Air Force Base MD

Arnold Engineering Development Center (USAF) Tullahoma/Manchester TN

Brandywine DRMO Brandywine MD

Castle Air Force Base (6 Areas) Merced CA

Chanute Air Force Base Rantoul IL

Dover Air Force Base Dover DE

Edwards Air Force Base Edwards AFB CA

Eielson Air Force Base Fairbanks AK

Ellsworth Air Force Base Ellsworth AFB SD

Elmendorf Air Force Base Anchorage AK

F.E. Warren Air Force Base Cheyenne WY

Fairchild Air Force Base (4 Waste Areas) Spokane WA

George Air Force Base Victorville CA

Griffiss Air Force Base (11 Areas) Rome NY

Hanscom Field/Hanscom Air Force Base Bedford MA

Hill Air Force Base Hill AFB UT

Homestead Air Force Base Homestead Air Force Base FL

Loring Air Force Base Limestone ME

Luke Air Force Base Glendale AZ

March Air Force Base Riverside CA

Mather Air Force Base (AC&W Disposal Site) Mather CA

McChord Air Force Base (Wash Rack/Treatment Area)Tacoma WA

McClellan Air Force Base (Ground Water Contamination) McClellan AFB CA

McGuire Air Force Base #1 Wrightstown NJ

Mountain Home Air Force Base Mountain Home ID

Norton Air Force Base (Lndfll #2) San Bernardino CA

Pease Air Force Base Portsmouth/Newington NH

Plattsburgh Air Force Base Plattsburgh NY

Rickenbacker Air National Guard (USAF) Lockbourne OH

Robins Air Force Base (Landfill #4/Sludge Lagoon)Houston County GA

Tinker Air Force Base (Soldier Creek/Building 3001) Oklahoma City OK

Travis Air Force Base Travis AFB CA

Twin Cities Air Force Reserve Base (Small Arms Range Landfill) Minneapolis MN

Tyndall Air Force Base Panama City FL

Williams Air Force Base Chandler AZ

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Dayton OH

Wurtsmith Air Force Base Oscoda MI


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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