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General Rules and Violations of our Terms of Services Agreement

  • Trauma

    Try to remember veterans and their families struggle with PTSD/combat trauma. We all have triggers and are also more sensitive to certain situations, statements or circumstances. Sometimes it doesn't take much to set off someone's triggers. Please be respectful of others by keeping this in mind when posting or responding to someone else's post. If you feel like that has happened to you; take time out before posting or responding to someone else's post or email us at or
  • Inappropriate Posts

    Examples of inappropriate posts are as follows: 1) No politics. We do not discuss politics on this site. 2) Other posts unrelated to Agent Orange and other Military Exposures. These posts will be removed without notice. If the post is truly of an offensive nature, the person responsible will also be removed from the website. considered offensive then the person responsible will also be removed and banned.
  • Political and Religious posts

    We do NOT tolerate inappropriate posts esp. those of a political nature. To avoid conflict we have a prohibition of discussions regarding political opinions or religious beliefs. If you are caught inciting arguments based on politics or religion you will be removed without warning and banned from the group or forum where the encounter took place.
  • Abusive Behavior

    At LOVME website is intended to be a SAFE PLACE; criticism, invalidation, name-calling or any form of verbal or written emotional abuse, of anyone, is prohibited. If anyone who is subjected to disrespect in any form or sees this happening, please report it by emailing us at or
  • Targeting, Exploiting, Scamming

    Targeting, exploiting and scamming our veterans and their families will not be tolerated here at LOVME. We have zero tolerance policy toward targeting, exploiting and scamming our members. Offenders will be removed and banned from LOVME without notice.
  • Confidentiality and Sharing Content

    By becoming a member of LOVME you are agreeing to keep everything you see and read here 100% confidential. There is to be no copy and paste activity or discussion of anything that has been posted in any group or forum to anyone outside of the LOVME website.
  • Projects and Ideas

    If you have a project or and idea that you would like to share with others, please share your posts with the appropriate group. No warnings are given for inappropriate posts, we just remove the post(s) and remove the individual from the group or forum. If you decide to move forward with a project please make sure you email us at or before moving forward with the project. CONTACT US FIRST. You must have permission to move forward with an idea or project on the LOVME website: If you do not email us first and move forward with a project or idea without contacting us; you will be removed from the LOVME website without notice.
  • Connecting

    LOVME provides this platform for the purpose of connecting veterans and their families affected by toxic military exposures which include PTSD and TBI. We encourage our members to use the groups and forums for this purpose. If you have a better idea for a group or forum just email us at or If you decide to move forward with an idea or project please see Projects and Ideas. You must have permission to move forward with an idea or project on the LOVME website.
  • Selling Products

    You can post products to sell that are pertinent and meet the needs of our families and veterans effected by military exposures in the appropriate group or forum. In appropriate posts will be deleted without warning as will the individual making in appropriate posts.
  • Support

    If you are looking for support be sure to seek out a group or forum on LOVME that provides support. If you can not find a group we do offer one on facebook for support only. Facebook Support Group
  • Complaints

    Email complaints to or
  • General

    FAQ is located at the top right menu of the LOVME website.


Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Veterans Diseases

Toxic Military exposures have been proven to cause serious as well as life threatening diseases in veterans exposed during their service in the Armed Forces.

Neurodevelopmedntal Disorder

Neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities associated primarily with the functioning of the neurological system and brain. Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children

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