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FLASHBACKS By Danielle Reyes, 2nd Generation Agent Orange Victim & Dioxin Survivor

February 04, 2012






Flashbacks by D. Reyes




By Danielle Reyes, 2nd Generation


I see that faraway thousand mile stare in your eyes

the intensity


the craziness


that lies within


I want to run


I want to hide


I'm scared for my life


in the blink of an eye


the person I know is gone


filled with rage


you scream


you cry


you get angry


and at the moment I don't know why


I don't understand


I cannot comprehend


the tormented hell that you have been in


for I am only a child


"WHERE ARE MY GUNS!!" you scream


you cannot find them


I try not to blink an eye


so you will not suspect


I took them


to protect us all


to save your life


the relentless search continues


then you realize


I took them


you turn to me filled with this rage


that is now directed at me


the interrogation begins


to no avail


I will not give in


you've not broken me


I am already broken


I shut down




I want to cry


at moments I wish I would die


I can not endure another moment


in this hell


this horror that I was born into


this is my existence


this is my hell



By Danielle Reyes

copyright 2008

Danielle K. Reyes

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Tandy hebert Reply

    this is an amazing piece danielle!=)….i can totally relate and feel every word.

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