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Gastroparesis A New Diagnosis

February 16, 2012


Danielle (D) K. Reyes I am the 2nd Generation Agent Orange Victim & Dioxin Survivor
Many of you know me as well as my story or should I say parts and pieces of it.  I have gone through life thus far sick, I can’t remember the last time I wasn’t sick. I can’t remember the last time i could say “ I feel good” or even what that feels like.

Everyday is a struggle.  

The last three months I have had a new medical issue rear its head. It is not new, it just got so bad that it could not be ignored or brushed under the rug by Doctors any longer. Here is the  story about the night that put me in the Emergency room on December 14, 2012.

I Left the Emergency room that night with out any help.

I was told that my intestines were distended. I was also told that this was not life threatening & they could not do anything to help me. I could not believe that I was being turned away with no help other than being told to follow up with a Gastrointerologest and my primary care physician.

I was then set up to see a Gastrointeroligest, he ordered the following tests:

-Blood tests
-Barium x ray
-Upper endoscopy
-Gastric emptying scintigraphy.

I now have a diagnosis of Gastroparesis.

I have an appointment coming up at the end of February with my Gastrointeroligest.He has informed me that there will be more medical testing to go through. At this point I do not know the cause of the Gastroparesis.

When I know more I will continue this artical to keep everyone up to date on what is happening.

Danielle (D) K. Reyes
Co-founder & Director of Communications
Agent Orange Legacy
Children of Vietnam Veterans
We R the 2nd Generation Agent Orange Victims 
& Dioxin Survivors 
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. James P. Kooistra Reply

    My father was in country from June of 1966 (on the boat for 28 days) in Long Bihn for a few months and then with the 11th Cav at Xuan Loc until his extended stay got him an early out in September of 1967. 
    I am the oldest born in 1973, had a bone cyst in my hip joint when I was 1, GERD in my late teens until present, seasonal allergies, infertile for twelve years now, and discovered two years ago (after a heart attack) a congenital heart defect that I should have dropped dead from by now. I was also in the last few months diagnosed with Gastroparesis also!
    My oldest sister born in 1977, had an extra bone in each foot and emotional problems, was recently told she would never have children. 
    My younger sister born in 1979, was born with a cleft lip/pallet, years of infertility issues, now one of her sons has bowel issues listed on the agent orange female service person list of children's issues. 
    My brother born in 1982 is so far unaffected (that we can tell). 
    I feel like just one more number…  I feel your (stomach) pain!
    James P. Kooistra
    Caledonia, MI

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