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Some Veterans have raised concerns about certain vaccines and medications they received while serving in the military. Find out more about these vaccines and medications.

Medication and Vaccinations

Vaccinations and Medications during Service, VA continues to evaluate the health effects of Gulf War vaccinations and medications taken during Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

6 Free Military TBI Smartphone Apps

Base Directory Base Directory is the universal base phone directory for US Military installations in CONUS and OCONUS. The app pairs with the website BaseDirectory.com and provides

March 4th is National Hug a G.I. Day

Hug a GI Day is for all the men and women who proudly serve for your country. You can give a big hug to all GIs you see today to thank them. If you do not know any GIs show your

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate Cancer and Agent Orange Veterans who develop prostate cancer and were exposed to Agent Orange or other herbicides during military service do not have to prove a connection
Certain Medically Unexplained Illness Related to Gulf War Service
The VA presumes certain medically unexplained illnesses are related to Gulf War service without regard to cause. Learn more
Mefloquine (brand name, Lariam®)
Mefloquine (brand name, Lariam®) is a drug that has been given to military personnel, including those serving in Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, for protection against malaria. Malaria is an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes. Mefloquine, a round, white tablet taken once a week, is also used for travelers visiting areas where malaria is found, based on recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Mefloquine was approved by the FDA in May 1989. If you are concerned about mefloquine use or long-term side effects from taking mefloquine, talk to your health care provider or local VA Environmental Health Coordinator.

Mefloquine (brand name, Lariam®)

Mefloquine (brand name, Lariam®) is a drug given to military personnel to protect against malaria, an infectious disease transmitted by mosquitoes.


Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Veterans Diseases

Toxic Military exposures have been proven to cause serious as well as life threatening diseases in veterans exposed during their service in the Armed Forces.

Neurodevelopmedntal Disorder

Neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities associated primarily with the functioning of the neurological system and brain. Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children

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