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Veterans' Descendants

Jam packed with the most important information available to our veterans' dependents Click Here to Get Support, contact your elected officials Legislation, find answers to your questions FAQs, find support and more informaiton on facebook Facebook pages and groups, find available health registries for veterans' descendants Health Registries, self-report your illnesses Reported Illness List, register with BDRC and study research about veterans' descendants birth defects Birth Defect Research for Children (BDRC), download VA form 21-0304 and file a claim, Do you have Chiari? Agent Orange Legacy - Chairi,


Since we have started advocating online we have found many groups online that the veteran and/or the family would find useful. Get Support

Facebook Pages & Groups

There are a number of groups on facebook that provide support to veterans and their families. Get Support

Medical Doctors

We had worked many years keeping a list of names of doctors that are interested in treating either the veteran or the chlild. As we learn about new doctors we will add to the list. Get Support


Find links to websites that provide support to veterans and many of the issues they face here at home. Get Support


Don't see grant information often but if we do we will post it at this link. Get Support

Veterans Organizations

Looking for help check out the many veterans organizations available to assist our veterans. Get Support

Homeless Veterans

Find help and resources for homeless veterans. Get Support

End of Life Care for Veterans

Learn more about end of life care for your veteran. Get Support

Veteran Search

Buddy search support available. Get Support

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