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Honey Sue

March 10, 2012

Honey Sue is one of fewer than 1000 children of Vietnam veterans acknowledged by the VA to suffer from birth defects resulting from a parents exposure to Agent Orange.Honey Sue and the Agent Orange Kids on FaceBook                     

Honey Sue is one of about 1000 children of Vietnam veterans who are acknowledged by the US Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA) to have birth defects resulting from their father's exposure to agent orange herbicides in Vietnam.                                          

Honey Sue and Agent Orange——– A brief History

38 USC § 1803 – Health care | LII / Legal Information Institute

From Ron Nesler:

I  need a little help. My stepdaughter, Honey Sue Newby is enrolled in the VA Spina Bifida Program for children of Vietnam Vets born with Spina Bifida.  I content that the law CLEARLY says that she is intended by Congress to receive habilitative and rehabilitative care as well as respite care, case management, counseling and guidance. The VA insists it does NOT say that. This has dragged on for years.

Read it, see what YOU think. If you want to become involved in our struggle to force the VA to provide the care & services called for in 38 US 1803 – Health Care (please see link above). 

I (Ron Nesler) can be reached at PH 812 682 3740 or by Email at

Please note:  This affects many other children of war veterans besides Honey Sue

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Ronald E. Campbell Reply

    Hi my daughter was born with Spina Bifida. Right now it’s not to bad. I know it will it will get worst as the years go by. What can i do now to get her help when it gets real bad. I am already 63 so i know i won’t be around to help her. We are friends on facebook so any info. you can help we with will be greatly appreciate it. Your friend Ron.

  2. Paul R Calnan Sr Reply

    You may want to check out,  where you can start  your own petition. has over
    18 million subscribers and gets very good responses to the petitions initiated from their website.
    I am not an attorney, however, I read the attached pdf  file. The file was last  updated in 2009. It maybe necessary to find out if it has been updated since then. The file is also not an official compilation. You should probably confer with an attorney specializing in veterans affairs.              

    • admin Reply


      I downloaded the pdf right off the site where the law was cited by Ron Nesler. Please feel free to call Ron.
      I am sure he would be very interested in your ideas and info. Thank you for your comment. Sharon L. Perry, Founder

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