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Jennifer Cummings 2nd Generation Agent Orange Victim & Dioxin Survivor

February 24, 2012


I am the 2nd Generation 

Agent Orange Victim


Dioxin Survivor

My Dad wore boots
Willingly strapped them on
At the age of becoming a man
Stood proud to be a son
Trained to be a mighty man
Taken to a foreign land
Nobody there to hold your hand
Ordered to run and fly with skill
Inside secretly hoping he doesn't kill
Hot as Hell no end in sight
Still asking for God's good light
Starting to turn black inside
Loose the feeling
Standing Watch; anticipating
Suspense and gore
Not near anyone family No more.
Only to come home alive
Hiding your secrets inside
No one to salute you
Waiting for the days to subside
When they spoke ill of defending
Our Country with Pride
Stripped you of the Honor
Hiding your crisp uniform
Distant lands flashing
with no sort of Order.
Destruction and waste
All shoved in your face
Home to a land
Where you marry a bride
Nod when you see 
a brethren in me
Memories starting to fade
Children grown and on their own
Work just about finished
Just when It jumped up and bit ya
See Agent Orange may sleep
And give you a big surprise
Just as you rest
And gave it your best
Brother take arms
Off to War again it is
It won't be pretty
But damn if it will get him
Now he's got tools
Insurance Important
Doctors that prod
to give you the treatment
and tell you the sequence
Your heart and Your soul
fighting with will that was taught
through the onslaught
Time and Again
I Fly, Fight and Win
See you have not lost
of what you were taught
Integrity First
Never leave one behind
His War far from over
Boots firm to home ground
Chemo his battle ground
Pills and shots
to defy the Agent Orange poision
trying to take it's best shot
This Man will NOT be Lost
Jennifer Cummings. This is OUR Vietnam~~
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Mark Shapiro Reply

    opps! forgot to include the URL for the 'Agent Orange Action Group'

  2. Mark Shapiro Reply

    A very sad and powerful poem thank you Jennifer! Readers are encouraged to visit the 'Agent Orange Action Group' for further information on Agent Orange. Thank You MONSANTO! 

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