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Autoimmune and Rare Disease

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Important Message for Children of Veterans exposed to Agent Orange
Our research reveals that there is a high incidence of autoimmune and rare disease among the children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

Autoimmune diseases can not be detected by annual blood tests routinely done by your doctor. Instead a blood test must be done for the specific autoimmune disease suspected.

Some autoimmune disease can be rare, rare diseases are difficult to diagnose because they are rare. Therefore, most doctors do not recognize the symptoms because so few people have rare diseases.

IOM Agent Orange Update Committee Meeting June 28, 2012.
Medical Information

Physician Resource

Print out our Physician Resource and take it to your doctor

Overview of Physican Resource
Vietnam veterans have been reporting that their children have been born with birth defects and other health problems for decades. This cry for help has fallen on deaf ears for many years.

We have created this one page document to help educate our doctors about the generational effects of Agent Orange on the Children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange.

The children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange continue to go without adequate medical intervention, without the support and services they so desperately need!

We hope that this informational document that we created for the children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange will help aid in getting adequate medical intervention.

All medical information should be considered only educational in nature and is not intended to replace medical advice from, or your treatment by, a qualified medical doctor.