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“DNA is just a tape carrying information, and a tape is no good without a player. Epigenetics is about the tape player.” Professor Bryan Turner (Birmingham, UK)
Agent Orange
Many children of veterans exposed to Agent Orange and their families want to have their DNA tested. At one time there was a program, University of South Carolina-The Center for Developmental Disabilities, for the children of Vietnam veterans which offered genetic counseling but was discontinued.

Genetic Testing

In this section you will find information about genetics, if you want to be tested and where you can be tested. You will also learn about “Body Burden Testing”. This type of testing might be easier to obtain and could be less expensive if you have been exposed directly. Since the dioxin was passed genetically, for the veterans' offspring, then "Body Burden Testing" would would only detect dioxin which has accumulated in the body from direct exposures.


Please be patient as we build this section of our website. Epigenetics literally means “above” or “on top of” genetics. It refers to external modifications
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Medical Information


Mutant Genes

According to epigenetics, genes do not determine your health outcome. Epigenetics says you can rewrite your genetic expression through your mind. "You can actually come with mutant genes and rewrite their expression and have normal expression with a mutant blue print. There are no limitations imposed by your genes." Dr. Lipton

Epigenetics: How Does it Work?

Epigenetics: Your Unlimited Potential for Health


Agent Orange

Exposure to Agent Orange by Location
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