Protecting our veterans' children
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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Protecting our veterans' children™

Warfare Agents

Chemical & Biological Weapons (Gulf War)

Chemical & Biological Weapons (Gulf War) Use of biological toxins or infectious agents with intent to kill or incapacitate

Mustard Gas

Odorless, poisonous gas used during World War I, II, and military tests in the 1940s

Edgewood/Aberdeen Experiments

Classified medical studies of low-dose chemical agents conducted from 1955-1975

Nerve Agents

Toxic chemicals that attack the body’s nervous system

Project 112/Project SHAD

Military tests of chemical/biological warfare materials conducted in the 1960s to early 1970s

Herbicide Tests and Storage

Herbicide Tests and Storage Agent Orange and other herbicides used in Vietnam, tested or stored elsewhere


Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Scientists Warn of Sperm Count Declines Linked to Pesticide Exposure

Veterans Diseases

Toxic Military exposures have been proven to cause serious as well as life threatening diseases in veterans exposed during their service in the Armed Forces.

Neurodevelopmedntal Disorder

Neurodevelopmental disorders are disabilities associated primarily with the functioning of the neurological system and brain. Examples of neurodevelopmental disorders in children

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