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MONSANTO: Organic farmers march to cut off food giant Monsanto at the knees

April 25, 2011

Organic farmers march to cut off food giant Monsanto at the knees

In order to stop Monsanto, organic farmers in the United States are poised to undo the patents Monsanto has for genetically modification of seeds by proving in court that these seeds create environmental harm. According to legal experts, this would cut off Monsanto in a deliberate and serious way, undermining its strength at the core of their advancement.

Organic farmers in the United States, however, recognize the American court is looking for environmental evidence of harm and are looking to undo the progress of the food giant by demonstrating that the strategies can interrupt the ongoing food supply in disastrous ways through seeds that cannot reproduce.

David Hill , a blogger that has been examining the Monsanto cases in relationship to organic farmers, said this about the risks that may be found in Monsanto’s business practices and technology,

“Science has only scratched the surface on the complex role between genetics, diet, and environment, so how in the world can a company claim that introducing a foreign gene into a seed’s DNA is going to be safe for everything and everyone, both now and in the distant future?”

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Eric Reply

    I used to believe that organic meant safer, better food. Now I'm not so sure. The "food war" between the commercially grown food producers/suppliers and the organically grown food producers/suppliers has become increasingly harsh, to the extent that 'choosing sides' is a real crap shoot. Years ago the organic producer was selling a lifestyle, and the offering had moral and ethical consequence. This is no longer the case with the large organic producer/supplier. Likewise, the commercial producer/supplier has grown from small farms and coop's to the mega-farm, a huge commercial enterprise who's existence depends on producing large crops in the most efficient way possible. One would be wrong to suggest that Monsantos product is of lesser quality then the product on the shelves of the local Whole Foods Market. The rhetoric that's being tossed around only works to confuse the buyer and breed distrust. The choice simply isn't black and white. People want safe food, and they're going to buy based upon the history they've had with a trusted brand… organic or not.      

  2. Karl Reply

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