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MONSANTO: The audacity of genetically modified foods

May 11, 2011

The audacity of genetically modified foods

Does it bother you that we consumers are largely unaware that 70 percent to 80 percent of the processed foods we buy contain GM ingredients?

How many realize that Kraft Mac & Cheese is non-GM in Europe but does contain GM ingredients in the United States?



Who do our regulatory bodies represent? Aren`t they in place to protect our health? Shouldn`t they be doing or overseeing the testing in our interest?

Monsanto and the biotech industry are well on their way to controlling the world`s seed markets. This, together with the lack of labeling, denies us freedom of choice in what we buy. It also dominates and controls farmers worldwide — what they plant and how they operate.

Our favorite fruits, vegetables and grains are being readied for the GM market that views us as guinea pigs.

There is significant correlation between the increase in incidence of serious health problems and the introduction of various GM crops into our foods.

What can we learn from the numerous cases where wild or domestic animals refuse to eat GM crops but willingly eat the non-GM equivalent?

Roundup Ready GM alfalfa has been approved by the Department of Agriculture and is about to be grown large scale and will become the food for much of our meat and dairy animals.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. mom said Reply

    This bothers me alot.  Its the same for artificial food dyes.  Many are banned in European countries yet the US lags behind..  We have to keep the conversation going and continue to raise awareness!  Looking forward to following along your blog.

    • admin Reply

      Thanks so much for your comment. It is disturbing that the U.S. lags behind the Europeans. I will be posting info about other toxic exposure not just agent orange and dioxin.

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