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MONSANTO’S GMOs UNLABELED: States lead debate over modified food labeling

May 24, 2011

States lead debate over modified food labeling

In the absence of a federal law requiring labels for genetically modified food, 14 states are debating whether to mandate labeling for modified foods sold within their borders.

Since the FDA approved the first genetically altered material for use in food in 1992, the use of genetically engineered crops has skyrocketed; 93 percent of last year’s soybean crop was genetically engineered, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department.

The controversy comes as Americans show increased interest in their food — where it is grown, how it is produced and what it contains.

By-products of those crops — soy lecithin, for example — are found in thousands of processed foods from chocolate bars to breakfast cereal. Genetically modified ingredients are present in about 80 percent of conventional processed food in the United States, according to the Grocery Manufacturers Association, a trade organization opposed to labeling measures.

Since the European Union rolled out the first labeling requirements for genetically modified foods in 1997, at least 15 countries have mandated it. In many of those countries, manufacturers have stopped using genetically modified ingredients in their foods because they fear the required label will hurt sales.

Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Ms Denise Olson, Vietnam Veteran Widow due to Agent Orange Cancers Reply

    Monsanto and other Agribusinesses that help to produce GMO's are the VERY REASON I AM eating Organic foods and Vegetarian Meats. These chemical companies KILLED my husband! He even worked at an agri-chemical plant when he became ill and the doctor's said his exposure added to the cancer becoming malignant. I will NOT ADD to the devastating affects that kill our people on a daily basis and the medical community who treats symptoms and not the whole person, or the companies who make the drugs that are killing us off.
    It is ridiculous that so much of humankind believe everything they are told and the ignorant perish to the regulations that help to kill them off. Agent Orange exposure illness is a HORRIBLE way to die!
    Watching my husband become someone he wasn't during the year before his death, was horrid and I live with the nightmares even FIVE YEARS LATER! No, I have not lost my mind. GOD is on my side. I am an active adult who will survive what cards are given me. I am strong, and I will endure what I cannot change, as I always have.
    I'll thank the farmers who convert to organic production, conserve and preserve our natural resources for the generations yet to take over what we leave to them to endure. Anyone with a family should be cautious of their way of life to protect what will be left when it is our turn to meet our maker.

    • admin Reply

      Ms Denise Olson – I am very sorry for the loss of husband. Do I understand correctly that your husband was an employee at one of the chemical companies that made agent orange?
      My husband died also in 2005 due to exposure to agent orange in Vietnam. Your right it is horrid to watch your loved one deteriorate from their exposure. It is an awful way to die.
      Agent Orange broke my heart. I do understand. If you are looking for support you would be welcome at our support community
      Sharon Perry, Founder

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