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Natural remedies for anxiety and BP: enjoy a relaxed mood without stress by Lucies Daniels

January 04, 2013

Natural Remedies for High Blood Pressure, Anxiety and Stress

Natural remedies for anxiety and BP: enjoy a relaxed mood without stress

Human being suffer from different types of disease as well as its phenomenon. There are many negative factors that arise due to high blood pressure in an individual as well as anxiety. The person must see a doctor in such case. According to American heart association, natural lifestyle in an individual will be ideal to improve the conditions like high blood pressure as well as anxiety. People having both anxiety as well as blood pressure can get relaxed from one form of natural remedies.

Types of natural remedies

One of the remedies for anxiety can be exercise. This helps by lowering the level of blood pressure in an individual and also makes a reduction in the stress level of an individual. A person who is really stressed out is likely to come across this phase of depression. Proper exercise can help in releasing neurotransmitters and endorphins from an individual. These elements are really wonderful in the process of re-living depression.  The chemicals present in an individual’s body can produce anxiety. But, neurotransmitters and endorphins help in reducing an appropriate level of chemicals that are likely to produce chemicals. An individual carrying out with exercise will be able to promote the feeling of well-being.

People can reduce some weight through the regular exercise. An individual doing exercise in regular schedule can reduce their weight while coping up with stress.


Proper diet is another important natural remedy for an individual. If an individual carries on with healthy diet rich in fibers and fruits.  An individual will benefit by hopefully lowering the blood pressure. It is important for all to evaluate the diet chart and ensure the supply of proper nutrient in the diet.  If the function of body is carried on properly, an individual will have proper control of blood pressure. It is important for each individual to have fresh fruits and green vegetables in their diet.  Remedies for high blood pressure can be availed through the natural products such as bananas, green vegetables, mushrooms, etc.

Avoiding Nicotine and alcohol

Apart from the above natural remedies for anxiety, most of the individuals suffer from high blood pressure as well as anxiety due to intake of alcohol on regular basis.  Alcohol is one of the best tools in increasing high blood pressure in an individual. Raising high blood pressure may be the result of consuming high amount of alcohol. Similar effect is also viewed by an individual who takes nicotine in diet chart. You can also have a risk of heart attack as well as stroke. Stress or high blood pressure is really not good for health. But, in order to cope with such dangerous events, individuals must avail natural remedies for high blood pressure.

Relaxation and break from routine

Many high profile professionals have to carry on with stressful schedule about profit and loss for the whole day. This can increase stress and blood pressure. They can easily avail natural remedies for high blood pressure. The first stage of natural remedies for anxiety and blood pressure is relaxation. They will be asked by the specialist to stay in one place and take deep breath. They must also be taken to such an environment where the surroundings would be adequate to relax. Meditation is another important strategy available to an individual wishing to relieve stress.


Lucies Daniels is a freelance journalist and indie author who enjoys writing articles on health related topics.

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