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Other Toxic Exposures: Atrazine a hazard to citizens, environment

February 11, 2012

Atrazine has been banned in the entire European Union due to health concerns, so where does Syngenta turn to sell its product? The United States, of course.

Atrazine is the second-most-used herbicide in the United States, following Dow Chemical Company's RoundUp. [RoundUp is produced by Monsanto not Dow]

Amplifying the problem is the fact that atrazine is used on half of the United States' corn supply and over 90 percent of its sugarcane. Such widespread use is beyond alarming, especially considering that large amounts of the herbicide are used in 44 states. Overall, 80 million pounds of the chemical are used in the United States each year.

No company should have the right to fundamentally alter human beings' hormonal systems, and atrazine is all the more frightening because of its potential to impair the fertility of all who are exposed to it. It affects not only millions of people today, but possibly millions yet unborn. If the chemical goes unchecked, it—along with hundreds of other endocrine disruptors—could hamper human reproductive rates and cause crippling deformities in our sexual makeup for years to come.

But when the health of millions of American citizens is at risk—and indeed, our reproductive future as well—banning atrazine is a step that must be taken.


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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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