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Pediatricians seek better regulation of toxins

May 14, 2011

Pediatricians seek better regulation of toxins

The pediatrics group is the latest of a growing number of medical organizations — including the American Medical Association, American Nurses Association and American Public Health Association— to call for changes in the way that the government regulates dangerous chemicals.

The Toxic Substances Control Act hasn't been updated since 1976, Paulson says.

Of the top 3,000 chemicals produced in the USA, only 12 have been "adequately tested for their effects on the developing brain," Janssen says.

Yet there's growing evidence that children face real harm from chemicals in their homes, schools and communities, Janssen says. Three studies published last week, for example, found that children exposed to the highest levels of pesticides before birth had lower IQ scores than other kids. Other studies have found that boys exposed before birth to the highest levels of phthalates — chemicals widely used in plastic — were more likely to be born with anatomical defects such as undescended testes.

A study from the Environmental Working Group found that babies are born "pre-polluted" with more than 200 chemicals, including flame retardants, lead and pesticides banned 30 years ago, says pediatrician Alan Greene, who participated in the research.


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. mom said Reply

    Great post, so important.  There are too many outdated studies and more needs to be done.  Keep the momentum going and continue to raise awareness!

  2. Chris E. Reply

    By The Way, The evil company Monsanto, responsible for Agent Orange, now puts horomones in your meat and dairy, and geneticaly modifys the staple crops in the vast majority of your food supply. Europe and most other countries have rejected Monsanto, and other hormone and genetic food modification as crazy and dangerous.  Here in the USA, they bought themselves some loyalty and lobbyits,
    You know, Back when they were making Agent Orange…
    The US refuses to even label genetically modified pestacide (familiar?) resistant crops, or beef/milk hormones.  This is despite vast public outcry!
    "Boys, We are SO screwed it just isn't funny…"

    • admin Reply

      Thanks Chris E. for your comment. yes we are so screwed esp. Vietnam veterans, their children/grandchildren and their families. Your right it’s not funny at all. I hope you keep following our posts and continue to comment Chris. Thank you.

  3. Chris E. Reply

    So why doesn't this apply to the toxins they are putting in the vaccines? Regularily dosing/injecting our children with? Aluminum, mercury, formaldahyde? 

    • admin Reply

      This is really a good point you bring up Chris E. I hope that they will include this issue along with their concern for the chemicals that are harmful and have not tested or studied before they go on the market.

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