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October 11, 2011

Plant Cures"I only have one question: The FDA is pushing GMO food down our throats; Anything wholesome and good is treated like it should be illegal; The doctors are being trained to poison us with deadly prescriptions; The government prefers artificial clouds to real weather; The bees are being poisoned to death from all of this insanity and “science” claims it is all to make a better world for us! Who is crazy here?" Chris Gussa owner of Plant Cures

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  1. Lia Reply

    I have Vietnam Veteran boyfriend who has Agent Orange since I've known him which I have met him from 1994.  He had so many ordeals with his skin on his legs and other parts of his body internally as well.  I have been searching for cure for the Agent Orange on internet, searching and searching for a long time, and I have now finally found your sight.  But it's telling me to sign in and I tried to but it will not accept my username or/or password, i got frustrated and I just gave up and contacting you.  I really need to find the way to cure his Agent Orange because he is always in pain.  The pain is constant.  I feel so bad for him that I don't what to do for him.  Please email me at and let me know what I can do for him or is there anything for the cure?  Thank you very much.  Lia.

    • admin Reply

      Hi Lia,

      I will send you an email. I’m sorry to hear about your boyfriend’s suffering. My husband also was very ill due to exposure to Agent Orange. He passed away in 2005. I’m sorry but there doesn’t seem to be a cure. Sincerely, Sharon L. Perry, Founder

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