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Protecting our veterans' children™


For Veterans who participated in a radiation-risk activity during service (including "Atomic Veterans"), VA assumes that certain cancers are related to their exposure. These are called "presumptive diseases."
There are two broad types of radiation, non-ionizing and ionizing. Ionizing radiation sends out extremely high energy, which may pose a health risk. Learn more
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    Related Diseases Find out what diseases are related to radiation exposure. Learn more
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    Radiation Exposure Determine whether you were exposed to radiation during service. Learn more
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    Research Studies Find out what radiation-related research is completed and ongoing. Learn more
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Ionizing radiation exposure comes from a variety of sources, including nuclear weapons testing or other activities during military service. Learn more

Ionizing Radiation Registry

VA offers a free Ionizing Radiation Registry health exam to all eligible Veterans to alert them to possible long-term health problems. Learn more