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Researchers investigate respiratory health of deployed personnel during operations

Protecting our veterans' children

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Military personnel who deployed during Operation Iraqi Freedom, or OIF, Operation Enduring Freedom, or OEF, or Operation New Dawn, or OND, were commonly exposed to airborne hazards such as dust and smoke, Army Medicine researchers say.

Some may have developed respiratory diseases and still have medical consequences as a result.

Army Medicine researchers are continuing to investigate possible long-term effects of this exposure, and need your help.

Col. (Ret.) Michael J. Morris, M.D., San Antonio Military Medical Center, is the lead investigator for the Study of Active Duty Military for Pulmonary Disease Related to Environmental Deployment Exposures, also known as STAMPEDE.

Dr. Morris and his team need volunteers who deployed to OIF, OEF, or OND, developed respiratory symptoms while deployed, and who still show these symptoms to assist with a research study. The STAMPEDE team aims to enroll 300 patients (from any branch of military service).


Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
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