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Sarah J. Kocurek 2nd Generation Agent Orange Victim Dixoin Survivor

January 02, 2012



I am the 2nd Generation 

Agent Orange Victim & Dioxin Survivor


This is my medication

Here's a quick version of my story:

Daughter of 2 Vietnam Veterans, father served in country & mom was exposed on base in Alabama.

I've had issues my entire life. Mostly immune system & female reproductive problems.

My daughters (3rd Generation) have had problems their entire lives as well.

It's really hard to see my father's exposure rob him of his health. He is very lucky to still be with us.

It's so damn frustrating, knowing what we know & yet to be ignored.

We must continue our fight! We must never give up!!!
Sarah J. Kocurek
Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures

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