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Agent Orange Needs To Be Banned

Agent Orange Needs To Be Banned (via Clean Me) Agent Orange Needs To Be Banned (Now in Weed and Feed Products.. Soon to be Airborne) By Cynthia Shahan Seeking Ban The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) reports that it is seeking a ban from weed and feed products...

Children of Veterans Exposed to Agent Orange Illness List

Agent Orange Legacy (Legacy of Our Veterans’ Military Exposures/lovme) does not claim that these illnesses are or are not caused by our members parent(s) exposure to Agent Orange. Our task is to report the facts. To date we have found that a very large percentage of our...

Who’s on the Wall: Vietnam veteran is Purple Heart recipient

  Judy and their son Keith said that Elliott never talked much about what he did in Vietnam until about five or six years before he passed away in June 2010. Then he started sharing stories about the other soldiers and about the things that happened in Vietnam.   Keith...