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Vietnam vet fights VA for cancer/heart treatment

In the Fight for My Life
Sam has had several medical problems since serving in Vietnam. He had a triple bypass in his thirties. He’s had a stroke, and now he’s suffering from esophageal cancer. Sam is a former smoker, but he claims his health problems were caused by Agent Orange. The Veterans...

Report: C-123 fliers exposed to Agent Orange

Air Force Reserve members who flew C-123 aircraft after they were used for spraying Agent Orange in Vietnam were exposed to the toxic herbicide and may be at risk for developing related diseases, according to a federal study released Friday. An Institute of Medicine scientific...

Vietnamese, US leaders meet on East Asia Summit’s fringes

Dung suggested the US increase funding for cleaning up dioxin and support Vietnamese Agent Orange/Dioxin victims and the clearance of war-era unexploded ordnances. He also asked the US to completely lift the ban on the sale of lethal arms to Viet Nam. He pledged to continue...

Agent Orange, United States Military Veterans, And Myelodysplastic Syndromes

Does Agent Orange Cause MDS?  There is considerable circumstantial evidence. In multiple case-control studies, individuals who work in agricultural and petrochemical industries have been found to have a higher incidence of MDS than those who work at other occupations. The fact...

How to Honor your Veteran Lost to Agent Orange

How do we go about honoring the memory of our veteran lost to Agent Orange?  Fortunately there are several programs available to the families of veterans lost to Agent Orange.  They are as follows: 1)  Agent Orange Quilt of Tears The Quilts draw national attention...

WSU lab fights Agent Orange effects

  Guerrero-Bosagna said he hopes the team’s research will lead to medical developments that could protect future generations from the complications of exposure to the chemical. But for now, the researchers need to further their understanding of the mechanism of the...

Red Fridays – Burn Pits, the new Agent Orange

In Viet Nam, it was called  Agent Orange, and forty years later veterans exposed to this and other chemicals are still fighting for treatment and answers. In Afghanistan, they are called Burn Pits. The primary difference is the first was a weapon deployed against the...