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TCDD/Dioxin Research: Developmental exposure to TCDD reduces fertility and negatively affects pregnancy outcomes across multiple generations

August 30, 2011


TCDD (2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin) is a ubiquitous environmental contaminant and known endocrine disruptor. Since humans and animals are most sensitive to toxicant exposure during development, we previously developed a mouse model of in utero TCDD exposure in order to examine the impact of this toxicant on adult reproductive function. Our initial in utero toxicant-exposure study revealed a dose-dependent reduction in uterine sensitivity to progesterone; however, we did not previously explore establishment or maintenance of pregnancy. Thus, in the current study, we examined pregnancy outcomes in adult C57BL/6 mice with a history of developmental TCDD exposure. Herein we demonstrate reduced fertility and an increased incidence of premature birth (PTB) in F1 mice exposed in utero to TCDD as well as in three subsequent generations. Finally, our studies revealed that mice with a history of developmental TCDD exposure exhibit an increased sensitivity to inflammation which further negatively impacted gestation length in all generations examined.

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Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures
  1. Ray Launier Reply

    I served a year in the Air Force in Vietnam 1966-67. In my work as a weather observer, on a daily basis I would go to the weather shack to fill ballons with hellium; near by was a storage dump of unknown, to me, canistered materials.
    I never had children. My father had nine, my grandfather 12 and all my brothers and sisters several. In my second marriage, I went to a fertilty clinic and was told that the lab results found that I had "slow sperm", whatever that means. Agent Orange?
    Now that I am 68, and fulfilled in other ways from working with youths, I feel an emptyness in a life devoid of children.

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