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1. What are LOVME Terms of Services about?

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1.1 Why should I read these Terms of Use?

LOVME terms of use (“Terms of Use“) tell you how you may use LOVME Online Services to access, view and/or listen to LOVME Content for your personal and non-business use so please read them carefully:

1.1.1  LOVME may update the Terms from time to time so please review the relevant pages regularly. If you access LOVME Online Services, you agree to be legally bound by whichever version of the Terms is in force at such time.

1.1.2  LOVME Terms of Use apply solely to non-business users of LOVME Online Services. If you are accessing and/or using LOVME Online Services in a business capacity, please be patient while work on Terms of Use of LOVME Online Services for Business Users.


1.2 Who makes LOVME Online Services available to me and what should I do if I have questions, comments, complaints or inquiries?

1.2.1  LOVME Online Services are made available to you by Legacy of Our Veterans’ Military Exposures, formerly known as Agent Orange Legacy, Cherryfield, Maine (LOVME).

1.2.2  Any reference in the Terms to “you” or “your” means you as a non-business user of LOVME Online Services.

1.2.3  If you have any questions about the Terms or your use of LOVME Online Services then you may find the answer at the LOVME Help page 


1.3 Should I read any other information or terms?

1.3.1  Please also read LOVME’s Privacy Policy below, which explains how LOVME uses any information about you that it receives. The Privacy Policy form is part of the Terms.

1.3.2  Some LOVME services may ask you to agree to Additional Terms or other terms of use which will apply to your use of that particular service.