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10. How can LOVME stop making LOVME Online Services available to me and what happens if it does so?

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Legacy of Our Veterans’ Military Exposures


10.1  LOVME reserves the right to stop making all or any part of LOVME Online Services available to you with immediate effect and without notice if:

10.1.1   In its sole reasonable opinion you are using LOVME Content, LOVME Online Services and/or any other LOVME service, inappropriately (for instance harassing or causing distress or inconvenience to any other person), incompetently or in any way that may constitute derogatory treatment of LOVME or might bring LOVME into disrepute or in a way that might be considered to be prejudicial to the image of LOVME (with reference to the LOVME Help Page);

10.1.2   You breach the Terms in a way that cannot be corrected, or you fail to correct a breach within a reasonable period of time if LOVME asks you to do so; or

(a)  There is, in LOVME’s reasonable opinion, any reason why LOVME Online Services must be withdrawn.

10.2 What happens if LOVME stops making LOVME Online Services available to me?

10.2.1  If LOVME stops making LOVME Online Services available to you, you may be asked to delete all LOVME Content downloaded by you to your device(s).