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Code of Conduct

Welcome to Legacy of Our Veterans' Military Exposures L3C (LOVME)
Legacy of Our Veterans’ Military Exposures (LOVME) provides groups and forums for our veterans and their families affected by toxic Military Exposures such as Agent Orange, Nerve Agents, Chemical Weapons, Burn Pits, Depleted Uranium. water contaminates etc.



1.1  Do not share any content on this site

There will be material on this website which is of a ‘personal nature’ and by registering you are agreeing to keep everything you see and read here 100% confidential.  It is expressly prohibited, under any circumstances, for any user of LOVME Online Services to share any of the content which is of a ‘personal nature’. It will be considered a violation of privacy and exploitation of our other registered users who come here for solace and support.



2.1 Targeting, Exploiting and Scamming veterans and their families

There are some individuals who are and have been targeting and scamming veterans and their families and exploiting them. When a user on LOVME’s website is approached by such a person(s) it essentially puts all the users of LOVME Online Services in jeopardy because of the sensitive nature of the content contained within this site.

 2.2  Suspension for scamming

Any user who becomes affiliated with any individual(s) known to be scamming or taking advantage of veterans and their families will be suspended from the website without warning.



3.1  Abusive Behavior

This website is intended to be a SAFE PLACE; criticism, invalidation, name-calling or any form of verbal or emotional abuse of any LOVME user is prohibited.  If anyone who is subjected to disrespect in any form or sees this happening, please report by emailing LOVME.ORG@gmail.com.



 4.1  Projects and Ideas

LOVME wants to encourage veterans, their families and friends to share their ideas and work together to create their own projects and awareness about toxic military exposures (Agent Orange, Burn Pits, Radiation, etc.) and how they affect the veteran and their families.


4.2 Post in appropriate group or forum

We encourage all LOVME users to present their ideas and projects by posting in the designated group or forum for that purpose.



5.1  Post in appropriate group or forum

If you have products that might help veterans and their families please post in the group or forum designated for that purpose.



6.1  Users are encouraged to connect

We encourage members to connect either here or outside of this website.



 7.1  Post in appropriate group or forum

If you are looking for support be sure to join the group or forum used for that purpose.



8.1  No politics or religion

We do not tolerate inappropriate posts especially those of a political nature. We do not discuss politics or religion here.


8.2  Unrelated Posts

Unrelated posts to the group or topic will be removed. DO NOT expect to be notified in advance.  The post will just simply be removed.


8.3  Removal 

If it, the post in question, is truly of an offensive nature then the LOVME user responsible will also be removed.



9.1  Email us

Please email us at LOVME.ORG@gmail.com or aolegacy@gmail.com.



10.1  Triggers

Try to keep in mind most of LOVME users have experienced one type of trauma or another. That means LOVME users are more sensitive to certain situations, statements or circumstances. Be sure to keep that in mind when choosing posts or responding to a LOVME users post. Many LOVME users have triggers which relates to one type of trauma or another. If you feel like that has happened to you; take time out before posting or email us at LOVME.ORG@gmail.com or aolegacy@gmail.com



12.1  Amendments

We may amend the Guidelines at any time. All amended terms take effect immediately. If your questions are not answered online you may contact us at LOVME.ORG@gmail.com






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